On this site, you’ll find my self-care playbook for remarkable joy, which consists of a lot of good habits, good food, good style, good hair and good vibes, and hopefully, while you’re here, you'll also find the inspiration (and some useful tools over on the resources page) to define and pursue your own playbook for joy as well.

Life is short. Joy is unlimited. Chase it relentlessly, y’all.

A self-care platform focused on empowering and inspiring others to find long-lasting, deep-rooted and unshakable joy. 

I’m Janelle: your everyday ATL lawyer bae with an ever-growing, blonde corporate fro. I’m also the creator of Hey J. Nicole:


As a career & digital media strategist, I help professionals gain clarity on their values, establish and maintain proper work/life boundaries, address and remove limiting beliefs regarding income and success, create a clear path to reinvent their life work and guide them through the transitions towards their dreams.

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If you’re interested in wellness & self-care, exploring Atlanta, entertaining at your home, loving on your natural hair, easy weeknight dinners or home decorating style and tips, I think you’ll find an article or two to jive with over on the blog. If you do, be sure to leave a comment or share with your own community via your social networks!

On the Blog

It’s time to read the room. I see a lot of you taking a LOT of energy trying to change Trump supporters’ minds. But have you evaluated who is in your ecosystem? The majority of folks who follow me are liberal. There are very few Trump supporters around these parts (most seem to have left […]

Okay we all know how much I hate salads. For the month of September, I committed to focusing and improving my nutrition and physical health. One way I undertook the nutrition side was to participate in a 21-day plant-based nutrition challenge. Sis! It was HARD, but I’ve learned a ton and created some life-changing habits […]

Folks are scared of boundaries. We’re scared to have them, and we’re offended or off-put when they are exercised on us. But the truth? Healthy Boundaries make us significantly happier and make all of our relationships better. Creating and enforcing boundaries have single-handedly made the largest impact on my wellness and well-being. Here is how […]

Hey J Guide to Healthy Boundaries

On the dating apps, the first weed out metric for me is if the person is a good text message conversationalist. My logic: if you can clearly convey thoughts, feelings, emotions AND tone in a text, the probability you effectively use your words in real life is also pretty high. Welp, as we all find […]

A positive in Corona quarantine is seeing how all my amazing friends are electing to use this time. Y’all have been doin’ the damn thing with your creativity and in your gardens and in your kitchens. And that’s been the biggest treat for me, because I feel like so many of us mute our creative […]

I have a confession: I thoroughly enjoy self-quarantine. To be clear, I’ve been enjoying the heck out of self-quarantine. Except for the occasional grocery store (read: Home Depot) run and walks with my dog, I’ve been locked in the house and freaking loving it. I’m very, very, very, very lucky and blessed to be employed […]

Enjoy all of the decorating and home styling tips here on Hey J. Nicole? Well, you should definitely check out the HJN Design Studio. Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, HJN Design Studio is a boutique design firm specializing in the delivery of inviting, highly functional and remarkably lovely interior and exterior spaces with subtle, mid-century and modern farmhouse flare. 

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Each edition of The Juice with J. Nicole newsletter contains: a monthly self-care initiative, a smoothie recipe shared only with the newsletter crew, quick and easy weeknight meal inspo and so much more...







Each edition of The Juice with J. Nicole newsletter contains: a monthly self-care initiative, a smoothie recipe shared only with the newsletter crew, quick and easy weeknight meal inspo and so much more...

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