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The dust is finally starting to settle on my big move into my first place as a homeowner (jk – dust is still flying everywhere because renovations are def still happening), but thankfully the master bathroom is actually done done, folks. And by “done done,” I mean not a single thing is hung on the […]

Nov 20, 2019


I’m moving in two weeks, so all hopeful projects have come to a screeching halt. But before the move was in motion, public enemy number one in my apartment was my second bedroom. Second Bedroom: Before I use my second bedroom as an office and guest room. The furniture in my second bedroom was purely […]

Sep 19, 2019


There are a handful of rules I stick to when decorating rooms: (i) spaces should be visually interesting with different textures and textiles, (ii) the more light the better, and (iii) comfort and function always come first. I rarely have issue convincing clients to lead with comfort…except when it comes to outdoor space. For whatever […]

Jun 29, 2019

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