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Tatiana, one of my business besties, shares how owning her own business has given her a new sense of freedom. In today’s episode we talk about: Not realizing you’re being taken advantage of in your corporate role How much do you really have to save before you leave your job? Overcoming early rejections in entrepreneurship […]

Jun 17, 2021


This episode dives into the four main things that I wish I had someone to mentor me through when starting a business and how to maneuver through them. In today’s episode we talk about: The importance of asking for referrals before giving vendors your money It’s a far better idea to pay for roadmaps and […]

Jun 10, 2021


Dimaonde, one of my “rich af” friends, shares some of her wisdom on how she went from writing somebody else’s emails for $65 to an $87,000 sales week. In today’s episode we talk about: How different the entrepreneur journey is from anything else Trust yourself to experiment and try different things The importance of the […]

May 13, 2021


This episode is dedicated to the five main reasons why you’re staying at your job and why those reasons are not worth your unhappiness. In today’s episode we talk about: Your income potential is so much higher when you start your own business. The false sense of security corporate America sells you The fear of […]

Apr 29, 2021


Based in Washington, D.C., Patrick Swygert is a multifaceted entrepreneur. He is a real estate investor, dabbles in healthcare tech startups, & he started his own management consulting business, The Swygert Group, with two partners. One of them is his biggest supporter and investor, his dad. In today’s episode, we talked about: How to go […]

Apr 22, 2021


In this episode, I talk to Jay Veal, a highly successful and motivated entrepreneur who founded Inc. Education, a tutoring organization that has impacted over 12,000 students nationwide. We talk about his beginnings in the tech space working at companies like Microsoft and how he achieved the success he has now as an entrepreneur. In […]

Apr 15, 2021


In today’s episode, we are joined with the incredible Vonetta Young. Vonetta is an investment readiness advisor. She gives fund managers insight into what the process of raising their funds will be like. We dive into discussing what it’s like to leave the “stability” from society’s traditional employment– Corporate America. In today’s episode, we talk […]

Apr 8, 2021


As influencers have become all the rave these past couple of years, everyone wants to become one. However, if you’re wanting to quit your 6-figure salary job and replace that income in 12 months or less, GIRL, lifestyle ain’t the way to go. In today’s episode, I talk about: The different options you have to […]

Janelle telling you why lifestyle is not the way to go to replace your 6-figure income in 12 months

Apr 2, 2021


Let’s be real, one of the biggest things holding us back from becoming a full-time entrepreneur is our mindset. When I first started my business coaching career, I didn’t know much of anything. There were a lot of mindset hurdles I had to overcome. Now, I am helping other 6-figure employees ditch their corporate america […]

Janelle Nicole teaching you how to get past the mindset hurdles of entrepreneurship

Apr 1, 2021


Today, we are joined by Ryan Catchings, the co-founder of Drive Assets, a real estate wholesaling business. Ryan is fearless in the face of risk. While we’re sure he experiences fear, he doesn’t even seem to flinch. He is the King of massive action and that switch and decisive decision-making skill yields him the remarkable […]

yan Catchings, the co-founder of Drive Assets, a real estate wholesaling business.

Mar 18, 2021


In this episode, I share the one thing that completely changed my business trajectory; business coaching. Getting my first business coach fundamentally changed my life. My first coach gave me the keys to be an entrepreneur in under 12 months and I want that for you, too. In this episode, I talk about: The different […]

Mar 11, 2021


In this episode, we’re diving into what I think are some of the biggest misconceptions about wealth and income (hint: they’re two different things). One of the biggest takeaways I learned from starting my own business is that pushing along and doing the same thing won’t get you where to you want to be. To […]

Mar 4, 2021

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