Enforcing boundaries In this episode, I set it straight with how to build and enforce boundaries for yourself. So many people associate boundaries with conflict when in reality, it is simply the highest form of self-care and I open up on how prioritizing my own boundaries lead me to leaving my law firm job. Hey […]

Financial objectives In this episode I talk about everyone’s least favorite part, the money it will take to start your business. This is the most common barrier for people not starting their own business. Some may fear quitting their job over money, but I break down how I did it and how anyone can do […]

Our special guest: Amanda Migliaccio This episode I am joined by one of my good friends from way back in college, Amanda Migliaccio. Amanda has her own photography business and plans to continue expanding her brand. The two of us sit down and chat about Amanda’s journey and how she found her passion for photography […]

Take the idea and run…however fast you want In this episode I go into detail about how I took my idea and turned it into my business. Even though I never saw anyone do the work I do and see success, I found my market and ran with my idea. The process took time, but […]

Our first guest: Victoria Thomas This episode I am joined by the Victoria Thomas. Victoria had a similar journey to mine in that we both started off as lawyers and found our true calling, which was not the practice of law. Victoria the very successful gym owner of JOURNEY FIT 365 and shares her story […]

Breaking your mental barriers In this episode I touch on breaking through the limitations that keep people from quitting their jobs, including my own. Limitations are set by peoples’ mindsets and their surrounding influences. To breakthrough those barriers, it starts with thinking outside of the literal box you’ve created in your head because there is […]

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episode thumbnail

I am so excited to share the official trailer for the Sunset Provisions podcast with you! I know so many people who are miserable at their jobs, and they stay miserable — for a host of different reasons. And I was exactly the same as an attorney at a major law firm until I realized […]

Official trailer for Sunset Provisions podcast

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